The Kaweco Sports Review

I have to say that, as popular as these pens are, I have never before tried a Kaweco pen. I have never fancied trying one either. I like companies I spend money with to be very ethical and when I had heard they had registered the name Moonman in Europe in order to try and prevent the Chinese brand from trading here, I was put off a little. It wasn’t a hard no, as with Oster Inks and Noodlers, but I was reluctant. I understand the dislike of blatant copying and so on, but surely if you have confidence in your products, you don’t need to do that? I am sure there is quite a bit of debate to be had about it.

Anyway, United Inkdom asked if I wanted to review these and the answer to that question is always YES! 😂

So there are two to play with. The Kaweco Collection Iguana Blue and the Kaweco Collection Mellow Blue, both with medium nibs. Both are limited editions, available to buy only for 12 months after launch.

The Iguana Blue Pen is a lovely, matte, turquoise aluminium pen that, according to the blurb on the Pure Pens website, was inspired by the “Blue Iguana, a rare species that only lives in the tropical islands.” Well, I am officially jealous, as it is -7 c as I write this! The blue certainly reminds you of tropical waters and the ink in it is Kaweco Paradise Blue so I guess I can imagine that I am writing this while sitting on a sandy beach in the heat….<sigh>

The pen is nice to write with, the ink flows smoothly and it is really enjoyable. However, the pen is far too short if you don’t post the cap. I’ve trained myself out of posting caps on my own pens so it seems weird to do it now but it certainly helps make the pen feel more substantial.

I find, however, that this pen seems strangely unbalanced – the section and the barrel feel too narrow for the weight of the metal. It’s not a big deal but a noticeable niggle for me. It retails for £85 at Pure Pens.

In contrast, the Mellow Blue Kaweco Collection pen is plastic and works an awful lot better as a physical object. The price is also much more reasonable at £20.99. I am sure that it is a lot less durable but I would be much more likely to buy this one. It too flows smoothly and is lovely to write with.

So in summary, these are really nice pens and I may have changed my mind on Kaweco (ethics schmethics!). The iridescent Kaweco collection pen has even made it on to my Christmas list! We shall have to wait and see if Santa brings it to me tomorrow!

Thank you to Kaweco for letting us review these.



  1. Emile de Sousa says:

    Is either a pen you’d spend your own money on? I quite like little pocket pens but don’t, for all the raves they get, seem to desire them as objects.


    1. copperhobnob says:

      I wouldn’t spend £85 on the metal one tbh but Niall got me the plastic one in iridescent for Christmas and I love it.


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