Paper Review: The Notorie notebook

(In case you can’t read my scrawl!)

It arrived beautifully packaged and the notebook itself was wrapped in a clear cellophane packet. It doesn’t say but I have had similar cellophane packages for my own business and they were recyclable. I hope this is too?

The notebook itself is beautiful- it has hard cardboard covers which are sturdy enough that I can write this balanced on my knee. No other support needed!

The paper itself feels soft and lovely to write on, I love the honey/mustard lines and the narrow rule. When I first touched the paper, it honestly felt far too soft to be any good for fountain pens. I was so wrong! It performs beautifully with wet and dry inks. No feathering or ghosting!

I really like this notebook and it has been a pleasure to be able to review it. The major sticking point for me is that it retails at £20 which pushes it quite a way outside anything I would pay. If you want to treat yourself though, this would be a great choice!

24 October 2022

I am ashamed it has taken a full month to post this AND there are errors🙈

Aside from my mispelling of the name in the handwritten version, I have one really major thing to correct. The price of the book is NOT £20 but £16.99, about the price of an A5 Leuchtturm and far superior in quality/ value for money.

They are available from in a variety of colours. Mine is called Rosemary.

Thank you so much to Notorie for sending one out for review.



  1. josfuller says:

    That’s a nice review – I like your hand written version but I do appreciate the typed one too!
    It looks like all of us reviewers have come to the same conclusion about these books: they’re lovely and the paper is super for fountain pens.


    1. copperhobnob says:

      I haven’t read any of the other reviews yet but I do absolutely love this notebook. Its good to hear that everyone else does too!


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